Writing You a Personalized Song




I’ll write a personalized song all for you, or a friend, or partner, you name it! It can be funny or sad or silly, but it’ll be with real details from your/their actual life. If you need a song telling a friend how wonderful they are, a song about how much you love your best friend and an ode to your friendship, a song to remind you you’re wonderful, or you want a petty song mocking someone who treated you poorly, I got you.
Send me details about your friend, and I’ll ask you some questions about what kind of song you’d like, and we’ll work together on it! It’ll be ready within 5-7 weeks from when we decide on a game plan for the song together (sooner if my schedule allows), but if you’re in a tight deadline, let me know and it can be rushed for an additional fee. Please note: once you purchase the song, you must reply to my emails within 2 weeks for me to figure out a game plan with you for the song and get started to avoid any scheduling delays. My Venmo is @hellolanemoore if you’d prefer that way. 


“Lane, thank you so much!!! We both love it and are absolutely obsessed and can’t stop listening.”

“I cried my eyes off listening to this. I love it with all my heart. Thank you for doing your wonderful witchy magic!”

“Lane, I’ve listened to this song like 10x over. I love it. Thank you so much.”

“This song is SO GOOD. It made me cry. Def gonna make my friend cry too.”

“You came through so hard on this. There’s a couple lines in it that blew my mind and had me straight sobbing.”

“I kept walking around my block, teary-eyed, listening to this song over and over. I played it for my partner as soon as I got home. And of course she cried and loves it very much!”

“Thank you so much it’s the perfect song!”

“You did such a great job on my friend’s song and we can’t stop crying.”

“The part at the end makes me tear up. Thank you.”

“You made us both cry. We both love the song! It feels like a timeline of our friendship in lyrical form and I fucking love it!”

“This song was absolutely amazing. I’m floored and a little teary-eyed. Damn, it just really hit me. Thank you so much. Never had anyone write anything for me and I’ll cherish it forever.”