You Will Find Your People: How To Make Meaningful Friendships As An Adult

You Will Find Your People, winner of the 2023 American Book Fest Award, is the groundbreaking guide to making—and keeping—the friends we’ve all been desperately waiting for. In this unflinching, poignant follow-up to her best-selling book How to Be Alone, Moore shows us how to make real friends as an adult, cope with friend breakups, navigate friendships with coworkers, roommates, and family members, and provides real tools on how to create healthy boundaries with friends to deepen your bonds. Through hilarious personal anecdotes and hard-won wisdom, Moore teaches us how to finally work through our fears and past hurts, to bravely cultivate and maintain the lifelong friendships we deserve.

You can buy book on Bookshop, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound and listen to the audiobook read by Moore on Audible.

Praise for “You Will Find Your People”

“I didn’t know how much I needed this book. I needed this book at the exact moment I cracked it open. I needed it fifteen years ago, and I’m sure I’ll need it again in five.” —Abbi Jacobson, co-creator of Broad City and A League of Their Own

“As someone who has always felt insecure about the friendships I have versus the ones I think I’m ‘supposed to have,’ this book honestly made me feel better about myself.” —Rachel Bloom, Emmy Award–winning co-creator of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

“An essential roadmap for one of the most vulnerable experiences one can attempt: making friends as an adult. Funny, beautiful, and encouraging. Lane Moore dives deep into the depth of what we humans have to offer each other and how we should do it. Why is this the first book I’ve ever heard of examining all the layers of making and keeping adult friendships? You’ll want a highlighter because she covers it all. I’ve been looking for this book my entire adult life.” —Judy Greer, actress and author of I Don’t Know What You Know Me From

“Forthright and funny. Moore is a consummate truth-teller, [it’s] a brilliant book about friendship.” – Los Angeles Times 

“Brilliant and highbrow.” – New York Magazine

“Revelatory and sweet, Moore offers real assistance in the reader’s quest for friendship with a humorous dose of encouragement to always be good to yourself.” – Vulture’s Best Comedy Books of 2023 

“I keep reaching for this book. Lane is so smart and has written a really great book.” –NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour

“I needed this book.” – Chicago Review Of Books

“Explores the promise and pitfalls of platonic relationships with generous yet intimate writing.” –The Denver Post

“I can’t think of a better-timed book than You Will Find Your People. We’re all seeking connection more than ever, and Lane Moore answers questions about friendship that I didn’t even realize I had! Prescient and important, You Will Find Your People is a necessary read.” —Jessica Valenti, author of Sex Object: A Memoir

“I love Lane Moore’s work, which is always funny, vulnerable, and wise, and I appreciate how seriously she treats the project of building a rewarding, secure adulthood around relationships other than the romantic ones we’ve historically been told are central.” —Rebecca Traister, New York Times bestselling author of All The Single Ladies

How To Be Alone: If You Want To And Even If You Don’t

Lane Moore’s #1 bestselling debut book, How To Be Alone, is available anywhere books are sold. It’s been praised as one of the best books of the year by The New York Times, New York Magazine, NPR, Fast Company, Marie Claire, and countless others.

You can buy book on Bookshop, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, IndieBound, Word Bookstore, Books Are Magic, iBooks, and many more. The #1 bestselling audiobook is available on Audible. Listen to the Spotify playlist for How To Be Alone here. The book also inspired a popular TEDx Talk, called “How To Be Alone.”

Praise for “How To Be Alone”

“Wise and hilarious. One of the 10 best comedy books of the year.” —New York Magazine

“[An] inspiring heartbreaker of a memoir.” —Entertainment Weekly

“It’s a great book…one of the most giftable books that came out this year.” —InStyle Magazine

“New And Noteworthy Audiobooks.” —New York Times

“Lane Moore is one of the most talented people I know and I’m so glad even more people will be able to read her words.”— Mara Wilson, author of Where Am I Now?: True Stories of Girlhood and Accidental Fame

How to Be Alone feels like peeling back your best friend’s skull and jumping into her brain. Lane is so open and funny and honest; I never want to be alone if it means I can’t have her with me. What a gift.” — Samantha Irby, New York Times bestselling author of Meaty and We Are Never Meeting in Real Life

How to Be Alone is like a song that pops up on the radio and lifts your spirits . . . so special, elegant, and true. It’s spectacular and truly personal. This book is with me every day, and it helps so much.”—  Caroline Kepnes, author of You, Hidden Bodies, and Providence

How to Be Alone is the book I wish I had read in my early twenties. I truly believe it would have saved me a world of pain. The moment I met her I felt like I had known her my entire life. This book will make everyone smart enough to read it feel the same exact way.”— Laura Benanti, Tony Award-winning actress

“Within this compassionately told memoir, Moore offers hard-won advice for those looking to get beyond a painful past.” — Publishers Weekly

“An irreverent, candidly introspective exploration of toiling with loneliness that will leave readers feeling not so alone.”— Kirkus Reviews

“The essays are whip-smart, pithy, and full of an honest, conversational charm that sets Moore apart.”— Booklist

“One woman’s wry, wise, sometimes funny and often melancholy reminder that friends can be demanding and complicating, love is imperfect and obligating, and you can’t count on a hard-charging cavalry of people who were just right for you to come riding over the hill and sweep you away.”— NPR’s Weekend Edition

“The most epic, incredible, soaring parts of your story, are the places where you’re tender, and funny, but also so harrowingly sad and devastated. Your commitment to survival is more than a notion; it’s a balm, an affirmation, an eternal love note, and a sacred love manifestation that starts as a whisper and rises into the atmosphere. How to be Alone gave me closure. What a gift it is to know that there’s another person in the world who’s so brave and true to her spirit that she survived the hardest parts of being alive. Instead of sinking into despair or madness; being waylaid by bitterness or tragedy; or turning the grueling and terrifying dark of isolation against yourself, you’ve transmuted it into a fire so bright that it blazes brilliantly, with a classic, universal humanity. James Baldwin said, “You think your heartbreak is unprecedented in the world, and then you read. How To Be Alone is like that.”— Bitch Media

“Honest, hilarious, and deeply intimate. How to Be Alone is a profound first book from a truly talented writer.”— Bustle

“[How to be Alone] pulls no punches . . . Readers will find themselves in her stories, and even if they don’t, they will come away from this book having learned something. A great book for all ages but should be required reading for 20-somethings navigating young adulthood.”— New York Post

“[A] bracingly honest memoir…Moore is especially equipped to address the taboo of loneliness, along with other adult problems, with hilarity and aptness.”— REFINERY 29

“Even if you don’t know Lane personally, she still feels like someone you’ve known for years. And that’s exactly what reading How to Be Alone feels like: having an honest conversation with an old friend.”— Hello Giggles

“In funny, super relatable, and smack-you-in-the-face-with-how-thoughtful-it-is prose, Moore talks about crushes, identity, feminism, and finding self-worth when everything inside you is telling you that you kind of suck. Funny enough, How to Be Alone made me feel a lot less alone.”— Marie Claire

“While Moore is delving into some of the most difficult moments of her life, she does it with wit and humor in a way that makes this book an enjoyable read.”— BITCH MAGAZINE

“Enter Lane Moore, who is the cutest human, creating relatable comedic material that is so raw, you’ll want to cry and cuddle with her— partly because she point-blank states that she craves comfortable, platonic cuddling, and partly because you’ve realized, while reading, how much you crave it, too.”— Sometimes Snarky

You’re Not The Only One F*cking Up: Breaking The Endless Cycle of Dating Mistakes

In You’re Not the Only One F*cking Up: Breaking the Endless Cycle of Dating Mistakes, Moore explores the trials and tribulations of real people who have been through the struggle of navigating the dating pool yet still surfaced to the top. Drawing from a diverse range of perspectives and experiences, their firsthand stories paint a comprehensive picture of the pitfalls that come with modern dating. She also shares moments from her own personal battles with this cycle, while reassuring the reader how each of these mistakes made over… and over… ultimately can lead us back to trusting what works for our own selves.