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                                                                                        by. Katia Temkin
Tinder Live! With Lane Moore is the critically acclaimed comedy show where Moore projects her dating app onto a screen, swipes through profiles live on stage, and the audience votes whether she swipes right or left, to cathartic, hilarious, and surprisingly kind results.
Tinder Live has become a much-beloved comedy show, selling out shows across the U.S. and Canada, including festivals like SF Sketchfest, and has a long-running monthly residency in New York City. The show has been named a critics’ pick in The New York Times, The Atlantic, Spin Magazine, The Guardian, Paper Magazine, VICE, Paste Magazine, Fast Company, Cosmopolitan, The Washington Post, Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America, New York Magazine, The New York Post, Time Out, Huffington Post, CBS, and New York Observer.
To book a Tinder Live tour appearance at your venue, contact afang@newfrontiertouring.com, or darlene@collectivespeakers.com for college bookings.
Tinder Live regularly features special guests like David Cross, Janeane Garofalo, Amber Tamblyn, Laura Benanti, Sasheer Zamata, Jon Glaser, Hari Kondabolu, Stacy London, Connor Ratliff, Stephanie March, Ed Solomon, Jo Firestone, and many more. Tinder Live is also a regular feature on Moore’s podcast, you can join the Patreon for exclusive episodes each week. Tour dates and tickets can be found here. Watch previous “Tinder Live” show replays here.
“Truly addictive entertainment…it’s ingenious. The way she manipulates tone and pace reveals an artist supremely confident in her form.” —The New York Times
“Compassionate and hilarious…it’s a smash.” –– Spin Magazine
“A hilarious comedy show. Moore isn’t cynical about love, she’s just put in a lot of time in the trenches.” —New York Magazine
“Tinder Live captures all the magic of this truly ridiculous era in app-based dating in real time. You’ll relate to Moore’s live-swiping and laugh at her reactions and messages to would-be suitors.” — Vulture, who listed Tinder Live in their list of vital NYC comedy shows
“Always hilarious. Tinder Live with Lane Moore is one of our favorites.” —Time Out
“Moore flips the online dating experience on its ear; swiping right on everyone who you wouldn’t date, while refusing to pursue someone ordinary. The show [is] magic.” —SF Gate
“A ridiculously good time. It’s a gonzo romance extravaganza with a treasure trove of ridiculous tips, tricks, and swipe etiquette. Lane Moore hilariously rips apart arrogant, misogynist, or frightening creepers, while genuine, sweet, or earnest schlubs receive a merciful left swipe and remain unmocked.” —Village Voice, who listed Lane Moore in their Best Of NYC
“Tinder Live makes light of just how absurd and soul-sucking swiping through an endless procession of other human beings can become. Moore expertly steers the crowd from mean-heartedness to substance with each match.” — VICE
“Smart and hilarious. Tinder Live is this generation’s version of The Dating Game.” Hello Giggles
“An anything can happen, interactive comedy showstopper.” NBC
“Moore’s commentary will make you cry laughing. It’s seriously funny.” CBS, who called it one of the 5 Best Comedy Shows in NYC
“[Tinder Live] is a group therapy session, with Moore making light of the exhaustion, frustration, apathy and general nonsense we’ve all had to endure from the popular dating app.” — New York Post
“Moore started Tinder Live! because she wanted to ‘create an environment that could take this isolating, depressing as hell experience of trying to find someone amazing in a sea of cocky idiots and turn it into this room full of people who were all in it together.’ And that’s how it felt that night. We weren’t alone. We were all schlepping through this together.” Huffington Post
“Brilliant.” Ellen Degeneres
“Transforms the otherwise bleak and sometimes even downright horrific modern-day dating experience into a hilarious long-form improv show.” —Gothamist
“Tinder Live is not just a show, it’s an event…the show is special. Moore isn’t making cheap digs at guy’s looks or ring collections. She isn’t going for the easy laugh. Her words and responses were funny; but because she made them funny.” —Comedy Cake
“An interactive, live-performance, therapy-comedy show created to help those of us who have submitted to dating online deal with its inherently depressing realities.” – Brooklyn Magazine
Brightest Young Things called it “the greatest show on earth.”
Time Out New York called it one of the “Best Comedy Shows By Women In NYC.”
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Tinder Live with Jon Glaser, Stephanie March, Lane Moore, and Scott Adsit. photo by. Mindy Tucker
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by. Mindy Tucker
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