One-On-One Advice/Coaching




If you’re struggling with dating patterns, relationship patterns, insecure attachments that are making your relationships extra hard, or simply need guidance in whatever is going on from someone who’s likely been there, we’ll schedule a 60-minute one-on-one coaching call where we’ll talk through whatever is going on and get you an action plan for what to do next. 

I also do these for writing advice as well, if you’re working on a new piece of writing, or struggling to tell your story. I’ve helped many writers and authors with pieces and book proposals and writing their first books and it’s such a joy to help them see their vision get to where they want it.  


“You are SHOCKINGLY good at this, like I knew you’d be good, but you’re really good and I’m gonna brag to my therapist about it.”

“I finally know what I need to do to break this pattern in my relationship and move on to something better.”

“I can’t tell you how helpful this was. I felt so seen.”