Alone Together

Lane Moore is the former Sex and Relationships editor for Cosmopolitan and the author of the #1 bestseller How To Be Alone: If You Want To and Even If You Don’t. In 2020, she will be hitting the road with a brand new interactive lecture, “Alone Together.” With her trademark wit, she tackles some of the hardest matters of the heart.

Friendships: We’re all supposed to have a perfect group of 5 best friends who we see all the time and who love us. Everyone else on Instagram claims to have that, but uh…what if YOU don’t have that? Does anyone, really? 
Relationships: We grow up being told relationships will happen easily and often. We have access to thousands of potential partners on our phones and an inbox full of DMs. But who cares if most of us are still pretty sure we’re gonna die alone?
Family: Your parents are supposed to be everything. They’re supposed to love you more than anyone and support you. They are supposed to live to an old age and still be married. And if that’s not your experience, you’re not supposed to talk about it.

Can you find loving relationships if your childhood wasn’t as happy as everyone else?  How do you protect your mental health while looking for real human connections?

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