by. Mindy Tucker

by. Mindy Tucker

“One of my favorite moments of this season of HBO’s GIRLS was…the wonderful Lane Moore.'”–New York Times

“[Tinder Live is] truly addictive entertainment…[it’s] ingenious. Moore transforms the banter on a dating app into compelling long-form improvisation. Ms. Moore, a cagey and humane performer, has developed an instinct for turning the raw materials of sexually charged chat with ordinary strangers into honed and generous jokes. “Tinder Live” has a comic momentum and energy that is unusual. The way she manipulates tone and pace reveals an artist supremely confident in her form, not to mention a flirt par excellence.” —The New York Times, “She Swipes Right on Tinder, And Everyone’s In On The Joke.” 

“There are a million ways to fall in love with Lane Moore. It would be easy to get annoyed at her success if she wasn’t so awesome. Her talent can’t be contained.”–Oxygen

“[Lane Moore is a] jack of all trades. Her Instagram music videos give me life.” —Vogue 

“You’ve definitely heard of [Lane Moore] because she does, has done, will do, and is currently doing everything.” —Comedy Cake

“Moore has, by her own count, “like 35 careers,” and is jealousy-inducingly good at all of them. Her comedy deftly highlights the absurdity of everyday life, with just the right touch of self-deprecation. Lane Moore can make anything hilarious.” —Brooklyn Based

“As evidenced by her ticket sales and Twitter followers, people are more than enamored of her honesty — they’re comforted by it. Moore’s refreshing spin on the realities of modern love isn’t limited to Tinder —  Moore is also the GLAAD award-winning sex & relationships editor of Cosmopolitan who has been in the thick of the New York City scene for six years and her unique perspective cuts through societal conditioning.” —NY Mag

“One of the 50 funniest people in Brooklyn.” —Brooklyn Magazine

“Lane Moore is a recognized Twitter champ with a heavily likable presence. She’s a stand-up comedian, too, and a very good one. Her probing, in-depth critical analysis of the lyrics to Robin Thicke’s song “Dreamworld” isn’t just a fine piece of comedy, but a genuine public service.” —Paste Magazine

“In less talented hands, the role [on HBO’s “GIRLS”] could have been a forgettable throwaway. Instead, Moore’s pitch-perfect delivery, disaffected eye rolls, and body language neatly telegraphed how thoroughly she was over Marnie’s bullshit…and probably ours, too. Anyone who has ever been mortified by some insufferably twee Beacon’s Closet buyer rejecting our ill-fitting pleather jackets or wrong-color skinny jeans will instantly recognize Moore’s character, except this time the schadenfreude works for us…It’d be criminal to underuse her. Casting directors, that’s your cue.” —Village Voice, who listed Lane Moore in their Best Of NYC

“Why sit at home alone swiping away when you can do it with comedienne Lane Moore and a room full of people? To those unfamiliar, Moore’s monthly show involves hooking her Tinder account up to a projector and chatting with men in real time—transforming the otherwise bleak and sometimes even downright horrific modern-day dating experience into a hilarious long-form improv show.” —Gothamist

“Moore has a wild wit and endless intellect. What doesn’t she do?” —Ravishly

Lane Moore is hyper and has the kind of observational comedy that will make you want to be her best friend so she can make everyday life things hilarious.” —BUST Magazine

“Lane Moore is creating queer visibility in Cosmopolitan and in an industry that are too often heteronormative in their representation. It’s also awesome that Lane is funny as hell.” —Pride 

“It seems lately as if New York-based comedian Lane Moore is absolutely everywhere. She’s the Sex & Relationships editor at Cosmopolitan, the rockstar multi-instrumentalist frontwoman of It Was Romance, and probably the most famous for her monthly comedy show Tinder LIVE… Oh, and she’s also on this week’s episode of Girls.” —Inverse

“Blisteringly hilarious.  In anyone else’s hands this show could feel mean-spirited (who are we to say that posing with a baby is a terrible idea?), or perhaps like an invasion of privacy, but Moore makes it cathartic, a bracing comedic espresso shot. Like a comic alchemist, Moore takes the experiences we’d normally be tearing our hair out over, and turns them into hilarity.” —Brooklyn Based

“[Lane Moore’s jokes are] some of the most incisive, cutting, and honest comic takes about the darkest issues we face as Americans.” —SplitSider

“Never satisfied with rounding out just one corner of her talents, Moore has become a filmmaker, singer, stand-up comedian, workshop leader and much more. She’s an online voice that I consistently look to for fun and wisdom in equal measure. Moore is also one of the best examples of professional women who “pay it forward” as soon as they achieve success.” —Femsplain

“We love comedian Lane Moore’s show, Tinder Live. It’s always a hilarious time. Lane Moore is one of our favorites.” —Time Out New York

“From band leader, to comic book writer, to stand up, and a recent cameo on HBO’s GIRLS, Lane Moore is a performer through and through, putting the term “triple threat” to shame.” —ILY Magazine

“Smart and hilarious.” —Hello Giggles

“Lane writes, sings, tells jokes and I’m pretty sure has an Olympic medal somewhere in her Big Apple home.” —Golden Mixtape

“[Tinder Live With Lane Moore! is] a gonzo romance extravaganza…it’s a ridiculously good time and restores your faith in digital hook-up culture.” —The Village Voice

“When nature combines the natural talents of comedian, magazine editor, and sexpert, the result is the enigmatic and always fun personality of Lane Moore.” —School of Squirt

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