It Was Romance

photo by Jiro Kohl

photo by Jiro Kohl

It Was Romance began as the solo project of Lane Moore during a period when she was spending entirely too much time in police office waiting rooms, and being told by therapists that she’d been through too much and no one could help her. She started using found and collected instruments, including an electric ukulele with a distortion pedal that she plays like an electric guitar, and her own voice as her form of dealing with things that were deemed too intense even for professionals.

After her music began garnering serious attention from UK radio stations that began putting her songs on rotation, and internet fans urging her to play shows live, she decided that while she could play as a one man band, she’d rather find a backing band who could help her fully realize the songs as big and bold as she’d heard them in her head. Years later, she found those people, adding Alejandro Triana on guitar, Angel Lozada on Drums, and Jeff Connors on bass.

It Was Romance’s self-titled debut full-length, was recorded and engineered by Eric Gorman at Vacation Island Studios, which looks like a place an eccentric woodsman would live.

It Was Romance will be released on May 5, 2015. Pitchfork named the self-titled debut album one of the records to watch this summer.


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photo by. Jiro Kohl

photo by. Jiro Kohl


May 1, 2015
10pm Night of 1000 Stevies, Irving Plaza

May 22, 2015
8pm Knitting Factory

July 2, 2015
8pm Cake Shop

photo by. Jiro Kohl

photo by. Jiro Kohl

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